Gods and Masters

Shortly after the people of Israel were rescued from slavery in the land of Egypt, they were given the 10 commandments.  The first of those, most people can cite with relative ease; “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out… Continue Reading →

Where Your Mouth Is

47%.  The average church in America (likely not much different from Canada) spends 47% of it’s annual budget on salaries and staffing.  For the math geeks out there.  That’s approximately 50%.  When you add in the costs of facilities from… Continue Reading →

Here, There, and Everywhere

Think of all the moments in your life that have had the most personal impact.  If you isolate just one, what would it be?  Where were you?  Who were you with?  What were you talking about?  What decisions did you… Continue Reading →

What Are We Doing?

Sometimes when purpose is unclear, it can get lost in the shuffle. Ever gotten sidetracked?  Or ran down rabbit trails in a conversation with friends or family?  I have.  You lose the plot and end up focusing on nothing.  A… Continue Reading →

The Struggle is Real

Excuse me: but I’d like to tell you about Jesus. Does just typing that put a pit in your stomach and make you feel uncomfortable?  Cause I can guarantee that if you feel uncomfortable reading it, then you perhaps feel… Continue Reading →

Prayer Time.

The Science of Love

How long can one say they are something that is consistently unobservable? In speaking with his disciples, Jesus said, “By this everyone will know you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13.35).  I’ve shared talks on this.  I’ve… Continue Reading →

Loving Jesus never made anyone look foolish… It’s following him in mission that does that.

You Are.

You are what you do. Integrity, honesty, gratitude.  That can only be said of you what you continually practice.  Do we mistake the want for an ideal as the reality?  That’s dishonest yet incredibly common.  In 2017, we are without question… Continue Reading →

Mission, Kingdom, Everyday, Rhythms…

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