All of us have our own rhythms.  We wake up, we go to work, we visit our favourite coffee shop, we play with our kids. These things are what make up the “ins and outs” of the everyday. It comprises 90% of our time. It is the stuff of living life.

However, much of what we call “spiritual” happens outside of these rhythms. We go to special places and engage in special activities effectively breaking these existing rhythms. When we invite people into the story of God, we require them to break rhythm as well in order to hear the story and engage in it.

But what if there were a people of God together that existed within the rhythms of life? What if they resisted the erection of special places; the development of special activities and instead committed their resources and their lives to seeing renewal within the institutions and relationships that make up their rhythms of life?

Want to find out?

Read our blog to get a sense of what this might look like.  Then, dive into our events page.  As time goes on, you may discover opportunities to experience this with us.

This is Rhythms.  Welcome.